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Wacky vs. Texas

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--- Quote from: TK10 on November 25, 2015, 06:42:16 PM ---Wacky is my favorite!  They are great for docks and edges of cover.  I always have one rigged on the deck.  I only use the Yamamoto 5" Senko.  I prefer the faster fall rate they have.
I rig mine on 8lb fluorocarbon or 30lb braid with 1/0 Gamakatsu Finesse W.G. Weedless hooks and an O'Wacky tool O-Ring.
Occasionally on windy days I will use an 1/16 or 1/8 wacky jig w/ weed guard.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the tips  :thumbup:

Welcome to the site @TK10  (yes)

Like TK10, the Wacky is my favorite worm.

Depending on brand, I go with the 5-5.5" length except to downsize for Spots. Nothing fancy for rigging - 8# Trilene XL tied to a #4 Octopus hook. No added weight. Medium-light 6-6 spinning rig.

If I'm working in limited clarity

Best application is weed bed edges and spot-targets like stumps but will work well when exploring points down to 20'.

It will work the whole water column with a drop rate of 2-2.5 seconds per foot. Give a very minor twitch or two every 3-4 feet of drop. A retrieve consists of a high lift of the rod tip and allow to settle again repeating above. Most bites come on initial drop.

Don't look for an attack on the thing - leave the line loose on the surface and just watch for a momentary twitch or flicker of the line.... the fish just inhaled it. Wind the tip down and give it a light to moderate pop and fish-on.

I picked my best fish off a stump 17' foot down in open water with that exact set-up.

Beauty part of the hook-up is better than 3/4 of the time the hook will be in the center upper lip or roof of its mouth. I can only remember 1x that a fish swallowed the thing.

SBG did me a solid with a heads-up for a goin-outta-business buy. Bought 15# of my fav color combo. If I'd a been there personal I'd a probably bought 50# of various colors.....but ya gotta draw the line somewheres  (shrug).

Eric Low:
Black and blue or green pumpkin 5 or 6 inch Falcon weed less 20-25 pound Ande florescent green mono skip it under a pontoon boat and put your rod down and watch your line (it floats.) Check the weed guard every cast to make sure it hasn't come undone or caught over the barb. One of most effective summer big fish techniques in New England. Eyes bleed boring but effective.


--- Quote from: Eric Low on May 08, 2016, 12:32:57 PM ---Eyes bleed boring but effective.

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our go to senko is green and white laminate wacky rigged with the O ring or reg
sometimes a nail is added to the tail or a small willow leaf blade on a swivel  but I bet more fish are caught on senkos in NY then any other bait but very few will admit to using it.  Not sure why but whatever it takes is what I do   cant beat it for a frog blow up followup bait using a weedless hook     


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