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New bait from Mr. Twister-The Buzz Bug

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Scott McGehee:
I got the chance to fish the new Buzz Bug from Mister Twister and I have to say I'm very impressed.  It's got a great action, it's very durable and most importantly, it catches bass.  I've only fished it for 2 half days and I've already caught over 60 bass on it.

Here's some video from my YouTube Channel of it in action.

Looks similar to the Ultravibe Speed Craw which is one of my top baits.  I will have to try it out.

Scott McGehee:
It is similar but has a bigger profile and longer legs. It's worked better for me than this speed craw.

I will like the longer legs for sure for more action.  I even like to use those like a buzzbait weightless.   (sorry if you mentioned that in the video I dont have sound here at work)

Great video @Scott McGehee  :thumbup:

My first thought when I read the name of the bait was that you would be buzzing it across the surface to catch fish on it. Obviously, that wasn't the case. But it looks impressive, nonetheless  :nod:

Thanks for sharing!


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