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Mendota Rig??

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Anyone try the Mendota Rig yet?

Looks like a pretty cool way of rigging soft plastics. Thought or feedback??   (hmm)

Never heard of it, but looks pretty cool.

dose do-it have a mold    ill give this a go with a bell sinker on a 4 inch madd dad...or maybe take a bunch of worm sinkers to the shop for some drilling......I think it looks cool..but , the ball is rolling right now.....great post curt

I have seen something like this a few years ago. I think they called it the Buba Rig or something like that.

I'm sure that someone somewhere has created something similar, but this person happened to go commercial with it.  :nod:

I don't doubt at all that it will work very well for some people under the right conditions.

When I look at it, it sort of reminds me of a variation of the old flying lure, but yet different.


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