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Ned Rig?

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Anybody ever fish the Ned Rig?

I'm going to be testing some prototype mushroom heads for Lure Parts Online, using the Ned Rig. Just curious to know if anyone else has fished this rig at all. It seems like it might be the ticket when the bite is tough.

Eric Low:
Looks like a great way to use up broken senkos

I am just not sure about this, seems to me a normal shakey head would work just as well.


--- Quote from: JackJ on March 03, 2016, 04:06:16 PM ---I am just not sure about this, seems to me a normal shakey head would work just as well.

--- End quote ---

I don't know that the head is a big deal. But the method itself is good, especially on pressured waters or under post-frontal conditions.

The new heads I'll be testing for LPO have a special keeper on them to keep the soft plastic in place. I'll be sure to leave feedback here after I've used them for a while  :nod:

Jig Man:
My version of the Ned is one of my go to lures.  I fish it a lot but don't use all the sissy 1/16 oz heads with itty bitty hooks that the hype is all about.  I fish with 1/8 oz head most of the time and don't go smaller than a #2 hook and a large as a 3/0.  Charlie Brewer sliders are my favorite baits instead of half a soft stick.  My s-I-l and I had a bunch of bass to 6 1/2# and several walleye using it post spawn at night  last May.  My dedicated setup is a Gloomis Bronzeback rod with a Shimano Curado reel and 8# fluro carbon line.  It also worked well this past fall but has not been a producer this winter.

Slow drag and swim twitch are the best methods for numbers for me.  Once in a while hopping works when all else fails.

So far this winter the A Rig has been way the most productive bait for me.


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