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While I was out fishing yesterday, I tried a new-to-me technique that paid off big time!

I had tried it maybe once in the past, sort of, but never gave it more than about 3 or 4 minutes worth of effort. Then I put it away and didn't even give it another attempt until yesterday.

You know how you buy a new bait and stick it in your boat because you just know it will catch fish for you "some day"?

Well, I bought these things last spring and after giving them a halfhearted try one day, they got set aside and overlooked for a whole year.

But, after giving it another try yesterday, and landing 3 really good bass on it, it will be something that I use for months to come, with full confidence that it catches big bass.

I'm going to do a bit more playing with it before I divulge the full details, and I also want to get some good pics of fish caught on it. I completely forgot to get pics of the fish I caught yesterday (fp)

So, as they say, more to come... (yes)

I now that feeling all too well   I got a boat filled with baits that looked great on the shelf of the store  that are still in their unopened packages. 

Yep. Me too. A-rig comes to mind. Ive seen it work!  Been there for the results at weigh in. Big fish baits for sure. I still havent caught a dang thing on an A-rig. Lol.
Guess Im also very guilty for buyin jigs. Ill see a color I like and buy like 3 of them. Half the time they just sit there. Keep using the same colors I normally do.  (fp)

there's a lot of us out there,  thats what the mfg's bank on.  New color new shape the more fishermen gotta have it. Isn't a fisherman alive that dont have a box or wall with dead baits or unused baits on it. In my case a room  (fp)

I typically resist the new trends and stick with what's proven. Then, once in a while, I'll try something new. Or at least new to me.

In this case, I'm glad I brought this setup out of hiding on got it wet on Friday. Sure changed the way the day went  :nod:

As for the A rig, that's another one that I resisted for a long time. Then one day I finally bought one of the Yum versions, since it was considerably cheaper than the Mann's model.

I don't know for sure if I've even gotten it wet yet. Here in the northeast, I fish way more natural lakes than reservoirs, so schooling baitfish aren't as common as in the big reservoirs, although they do exist to some degree.

Hmmm.. maybe one of these days I'll get that rig wet too and it will catch some fish for me  (shrug)


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