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In all my years working on boats I have never seen a user manual that shows wiring diagrams , plumbing, or structural part layouts  Ive seen user manuals that tell u how to drive it and start it and basically wear a life jackets when running but thats it   The owners package will contail all the warranty crap that comes with the motor and the addons and how to use them but really nothing about the boat itself.   However they all have a service group that if u ask nice will send u either by pdf or fax a wiring diagram

@jak0253 I have a 2001 PT 175 that has the accessory switch you mentioned. Its used as a switch for any third party electronics you may want to install. I have a few deck lights hooked up to this switch currently which is great because it allows me to turn them on when i want too and off when i do not need them!

I wish more builders would install mystery switches (and document them) as I am always struggling when working on friends boats to add electrical accessories as to how to power and switch them. It's nice to know that someone thought ahead and installed a accessory switch in forethought!

It's amazing how much a couple extra $$'s spent by the mfg. up front could ease the frustration of owners and that would go a long way toward building brand loyalty!

My older Tracker boats also had these "mystery" switches. They were excellent for adding accessories to the boat!


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