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Wacky vs. Texas

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For many years I have heard so much about wacky rigging, even way back to the good old days of plastic worms, before the Senko hit the market.

I can honestly say that I have never, ever caught a fish on a wacky rigged anything. Ever. And it's not for lack of trying.

For whatever reason, I just never get bit on a wacky rig. I have tried it when I have seen others catching fish on wacky rigged Senkos. Got nothing. Went back to Texas rigged and caught bass.

Not sure why, but this is just how it works for me.

Maybe 2018 will be the year that the wacky rig finally works for me??   (shrug)

Jig Man:
I only do it in high water years when I can use them around bushes. I also seldom fish a TX rig.  I normally will fish a jig head with a screw lock or jig head with bait keeper on the hook.

My primary and go-to lure. #4 octopus hook right thru middle of a 5-5.5" stick type worm. I got a #1 color combo that SouthernBassGuy knows.... he picked up 15# from a place going out of business for me.  ;)

Don't know what you're not doing right unless its workin' it too much.

Work the whole water column or any portion from top to bottom. Takes patience with a 2-count per foot of drop (no added weight).

Once the worm cracks half-way thru at the hook, I just move it 1 way or the other about 1/2" and keep chuckin'. Just slightly different action but remains effective.

Definitely not a speed technique so if you're the type that needs to be crankin, runnin' n gunnin' - it ain't gonna be for you.

Need to effectively identify fish location probabilities and work it against the fish' ambush instincts. I've had fish from touchdown on the water to targeting a 7#er on a lonely stump on the bottom at 17'. Even had 'em content to carry it around for 10 minutes waiting while I addressed a birds nest on spinning reel.   :rolleyes:

@Nightmare Thanks for the feedback and tips. I'm a pretty patient angler. I can run and gun when needed, but I can also scour an area pretty thoroughly when that's required.

I was fishing a tourney a couple years back and was catching them good on the T rig. Then the bite slowed down a bit and a fellow club member moved into the same area and was catching them on the wacky rig. So I switched to that and got zero bites while he caught one or two more fish.

I switched back to the T rig and caught another good bass almost immediately. Don't know what I might be missing but I guess I need to figure it out

Jig Man:

--- Quote from: Curt on December 24, 2017, 07:58:24 PM ---@Nightmare Don't know what I might be missing but I guess I need to figure it out

--- End quote ---



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