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Mike Lopez:
hello to all, I owned a 2 man plastic bass boat for over 20 years and finally decided to upgrade to bass tracker (getting to old to load unload my boat) I have very little exp on 2 stroke mercury 40 hp outboard and I tried to find an owners manual online but couldn't find anything.How to start,what type of oil,gas, winterize and anything else I should know.
thanks for any advise

model-1996 Basstracker Pro Tourney 18 40 hp 2 stroke

@Mike Lopez Welcome to BBB!  o/

I used to own a Tracker Pro Team 18. But mine had a 90 HP Merc.

If your boat is setup similar to mine, there will be an oil tank that you fill with 2 cycle outboard oil and the engine will take care of the mixing of fuel and oil. Some boats will have this tank on the outboard itself. Others will have a tank in the boat, usually in the rear bilge area. If not, most outboards run on a 100:1 mixture.

For gas, use regular grade. If you can buy gas at the pump with no ethanol, do it by all means. Otherwise, use gas only with 10% ethanol or less to avoid major engine and fuel system problems.

Regarding the kind of oil, by good brand name tow cycle outboard oil. Merc offers their own brand. Yamaha oil is also very good. Avoid the generic brands sold at Walmart and other major retail outlets. They save you money in the short run but will cost you more in headaches  (fp)

When I had my Merc, I used to run LubriMatic Two Cycle oil that I bought from Walmart by the gallon. I ran it for several years, and then decided to try a different brand name oil. When I made the switch, the smoke from my motor declined by about 75%. I had wondered for years why my outboard smoked so badly. I just thought it was a Merc trait. But it turned out to be the oil I was running.

You can get Two Cycle oil from Tackle Warehouse here:

You can also check with local outboard dealers. Most will sell good oil in bulk. Just show up with a clean gallon jug and have them fill it up for you.

I bought my boat brand new in 1994 and it came with little or no documentation.

Starting it is pretty basic, but varies somewhat from motor to motor. If I remember right, mine was pretty much just hold the primer button while turning the key. When it fired, let off on the primer button. But that was more than 10 years ago, so I might be confusing my current boat with my old boat. Always make sure the primer bulb at the transom is squeezed up enough to make it hard before attempting to start the outboard too.

Winterizing involves using fogging oil to coat the engines internals, to prevent corrosion. You'll also want to make sure the fuel is stabilized and that the batteries are kept charged over the winter months.

If all else fails and you need to find info, try visiting the Tracker Boats website and finding their contact info and give them a call or use their website's live chat feature to ask someone your questions.

There is a list of boat manufacturers and contact info here:,bass_boat_manufacturer_directory.html

Hopefully this will help get you headed in the right direction  ;)

First off Welcome to the site Mike,  Curt pretty much has it all covered   Only one thing I might add,  Ive been using pennzoil synthetic blend for more years then i wanna admit to, and I recomend it to all my customers,  Ive torn down motors with hundreds of hours on them and hardly and carbon build up compared to ones that use off brand dyno oil.  A lot less smoking and actually about the same price at wamart when u can get it on sale.  Just a slight correction on Curts post  if you are mixing the oil and gas use a 50:1 ratio not 100:1.  Most all mercs run at 50:1 since the 80's except  the optimax's which vary the ratio as the rpms vary  and the computer does that.   Some hi perf outboards running premix  royal purple or Klotz 100% synthetic can get away with 100:1  but I dont recomend it.

I second the Pennzoil semi-synthetic. Used to use the full synthetic but now can't find it and heard it was discontinued.

I de-carbon once a year and hardly get notable smoke from burning out the carbon. First time I did it when still running regular oil I thought the neighbors would call in a fire there was so much smoke.

Everyone has their favorites and Bullet doesn't need any back-up on opinions - he's the man when it comes to knowing his stuff. Just thought I'd chime in and also say Welcome to the site.

I was going to mention the same that I always mixed 50:1 on my 75 hp Merc.


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