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Jig Man:
I figure if I really need to avoid the skunk I can pull out a shaky setup and catch some bass.  The last 3 trips that hasnít been the case.  I have not been able get a bite on it.

Pulling out a Ned rig setup with any color TRD on it gets me bites.  I donít understand why it is all that is working right now.  The fish are in staging, spawning and spawned mode.  Spinnerbait, crankbait, and swimbait  should be working but not for me.

Friday I took my neighbor.  We had a discombobulated trolling motor issue and had to spend a few hours on a road trip to a service center.  We didnít get on the water until mid afternoon.

We threw spinnerbaits and swimbaits for an hour with no love at all.  We switched to Ned and caught 45 black bass ( including a meanmouth ) in 3 hours.  Nine of them were nice keepers.

I will be glad when the spinnerbait bite gets going.

I can't catch a fish on the Ned rig to save my life. I have tried it a few different times. Not a single bite.

I love the shaky head setup. It usually catches me fish whenever I throw it.

With that said, I tried it for a short time Saturday during a tourney and had no bites.

What did catch me my fish was a 4 inch weightless Senko style worm fished in 2 feet of water or less.

I had 4 bites. Landed 3 of them for a 2nd place finish.

The weights weren't big, but a top finish is still a top finish  (giggle)

Sounds like Ned saved your day and you had lots of fun after all of the issues leading up to getting there. Good for you  (yes)

Jig Man:
You may not be fishing the Ned correctly.  Dead sticking was paying dividends Friday.  My neighbor couldnít leave his alone.  He kept wanting to move it, additionally he had 8# fluorocarbon compared to my 6#.

I caught 32 of the 45 bass and 8 of the 9 keepers.  Slow was the way to go.  I only felt the bite on 3 or 4 of the fish.


--- Quote ---Dead sticking was paying dividends Friday
--- End quote ---

Thanks for that tip. I will remember that.

With that said, we have very little water here with a clean, hard bottom. So weeds can be a pain in the butt when it comes to open hook presentations.

Again, though, if I move it less, it will be less apt to pick up weeds.  :thumbup:

I'm the same, I have yet to catch a fish on the Ned rig.   After about 10 cast I give up on it.
I've even tried throwing it when I am actively catching fish on the shakey head and they wont bite it.


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