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Well like our boats, we Aowners are a rare bunch... But we're pretty tight!  (y) I've owned glass boats since I was a teenager in the 80s but as far as glass bassers, I've been dedicated to Allison since he built me my first one in early 1999. I don't see me changing brands ever again but if I did I reckon it would only be a new BassCat Jaguar. (The older & fatter I get the less speed matters & comfort is ALWAYS important!)

Here's a pick of my first Alli, I named her "Rainy Day Woman I": 1999 XB-2003 "ProSport" Tourney, Mercury Racing ProMax 225 SS. The ONLY thing that wasn't red on her was the motors & the console. With a two man tourney load she'd "fish" @ 93gps. Sometimes I miss that slick babe, ESPECIALLY the sound of that SS motor idling around the ramp before blastoff!

My 2nd & current Aboat (& likely last hull until I die... or until Darris Allison FINALLY releases the new 23ft basser he's been threatening with for nearly a decade!) is another custom beauty he built for me (the only full red 21 yet to date) my big red headed mistress aka "Rainy Day Woman II", 2008 XB-21 "2+2", Mercury 225 Sport XS, Hbirds 1197Si & 997Si, 80# MinnKota Terrova Ipilot. She "tourney fishes" in the mid-80s.

I simply LOVE this boat! She's a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Donzi & Chris-Craft all rolled into one 21ft package with carpeted decks. Folks ask me about the proverbial "if you won the lottery, which bassboat would you?" & with the Lords good favor & a river rat wife, I tell them "She's home in the garage!"  (yes)

My "other Aboat" is a ol chunk of coal that I might get the notion to have restored one of these days, been sayin that since I drove out to Amarillo, TX back in 2003. I met a bud out there who lived in Albuquerque, NM who brought it to me after we saved it from being thrown in a desert dump in UT! It's a 1976 Allison R-18. The 18s were extremely rare (we can only track down about 6 or so still on the water today) this one was reported to have weighed "in the 300s" & was circle track raced with twin "towers of power" inline 6 Mercs on it. She's sitn quietly under the tractor shed on my farm.

Sweet Allisons. If I ever got away from Bullet, I would definitely get an Allison.

Nice, real nice! 

I was surprised you didn't get a red pond boat.  Haven't seen you around much (I'm not big on FB and got kicked off the special FB haters page LOL) since you started that beautiful land project. 


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