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Jimmy RodandReel:
Ah the good old A-rig debate.   (fp)

I'll start.

You dern skippy I fish them. They are just another tool to catch fish and during the winter months its one of my go-to baits.  (yes)  (yes)

What say you?

It isn't for me, but I will throw it if they are eating it.

Jig Man:
I love the thing.  Here in MO we are only allowed to have 3 baits so I use blades on the other two and blades on the arms sometimes.  I make my own and have several combinations of blades.  It is a lot more fun to fish them in the winter than it is Float N Fly.

I have never tried them, but have a couple in the boat to try this spring.  Not sure how to rig them and what to use, but figuring that out is part of the fun! 

I have a couple in the boat and have used them on a few different bodies of water. There have been 2 tournaments that stand out in my mind, I ended up winning both because of an A-Rig. Everyone else struggled to get a limit or fish of any size.  The kid who was fishing with me couldn't believe it.

Having said that. Do I think they are a bit over kill...  (yes) However I enjoy fishing them. So guess I'm a flip flopper on this topic.  (hmm)



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