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Awesome.!! you enjoy the walk through of the factory. The factory is just a few miles from where I live. I can say if you haven't seen how fiberglass bass boats are built. It's worth it. And if your thinking about purchasing one.. Great choice.!! You can reference my comments about customer service at bass cat on these boards somewhere.? They have a great product and service. I have never worked there. And do not represent them. But I will recommend!!!!     I also own a fiberglass repair shop near bass cat..            Enjoy the tour..!!

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I own a Ranger. But a guide last year had a purple Bass Cat. It was gorgeous! A good friend has a Cat too. He loves it. I'll sure look at them next time I'm in the market. Probably call that guide and see if he's selling!

John's boat made a believer out of me. NICE BOATS (y)

Hopefully you've had the chance to tour the plant Lockon.  No matter which brand you choose it's great to see how they are put together and the differences and simularities between the brands. 


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