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. That's one very nice looking cat. It's a beauty.!! Now How about my beast!!! Ugly boats can catch fish too!! lol.. It will be a while before I get to this one.. I'll fix it up someday.!! Just thought I'd throw in a clunker with potential!!

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Now that's a fixer upper!!

One mans trash is another's treasure!! This one is so my father in law can fish the bass cat tournaments.. Oh and give me a week R so with it.. You'll want to buy it!!! lol.. Now it won't be as nice as n2ratfishin's but a sharp 89... This is my friends 90 I restored last winter.. It's all composite now.. Stringer,floor,transom...It now runs high 70s with a merc. 200..  bass cats are great boats. 

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Phenomenal restore!

Thanks... Mr. Pierce himself the owner of bass cat stopped in to see this one. I suppose they don't get many calls asking to purchase all composite components.. He gave us well my friend..a unbelievable deal though. They build great boats and there customer service is awesome. This boat was neglected before my friend purchased. The plug goes in and OUT for a reason. lol.. And nose em up while they sit guys N gals.!!!  Thanks again.

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