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Title: My old Fish and Ski
Post by: konfuzed on March 08, 2019, 10:35:56 AM
Start off by saying thanks for the add and any advice is appreciated. I am a mechanic by trade and this is my first boat. Here is my 1994 Javelin 409t F/S fish and ski with a Johnson venom 225 (24p raker prop) and a massive jackplate.
So I've had this boat a little over a year. When I bought it, it did run but was by no means water ready. Had the engine looked at, tuned up, new fuel lines, power steering helm reservoir fixed, lines replaced, 3 new batteries (that I have already had to replace 1), whale tale, motor trim cap was cracked and kept getting water in the fluid, omc concealed  control shifter, two seats and I'm sure forgetting more.
 So now that it is starting to  warm up I'm working on my boat again. I have removed all of the vinyl sides to replace the rotten wood behind them. While those are off I started wet sanding the boat to try to repair the flaking clear coat someone put on top of the gelcoat. I started with 1000 grit (600 in some places), then 1200, and 1500 grit. Then I an hitting it with a compound. I will l eventually polish and wax,  but this had been a job. 

Things I still need to fix:
1. Fuel gauge doesn't work.
2. Tachometer doesn't work.
3. Water pressure gauge doesn't work.
4. Speedometer doesn't work.
* I am assuming that the gauges would be a wiring problem, I say that bc there are so many out at once. Or is that a common thing? Cant find any schematics on my boat. None are for f/s.

5. Throttle cable (not sure what size I need until i get it out)

6. Need to play with the jackplate to adjust the engine correctly. I think it sits to low.

7. Front livewell pump (I have it)

8. Garmin 73sv echomap i need to install (not sure where bc of the windshield)

9. 3 sets of 16' LED lights to run throughout the boat.
10. Radio and speakers(

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Title: Re: My old Fish and Ski
Post by: Curt on March 09, 2019, 10:06:25 AM
Looks like a good project!

Is this a boat you've owned for a while, or did you recently buy it to fix up?

Sounds like you've got a good handle on what you need to do to get everything in working order.

Regarding the gauges, it's not uncommon for them to stop working over time. Could be a few different things causing them not to work.

The speedo works based on water flow from a pickup that's either mounted to the transom or a hole in the foot of your outboard that takes in water. Sometimes the pickup gets clogged with debris. Start with that first. The plastic pickup that gets transom mounted sometimes breaks off from hitting obstacles. So make sure if you have thet setup that it's still there, all in one piece.

The tach not working could be due to bad wiring, a bad gauge or even a bad sensor that sends that info to from the outboard to the tach itself. (Sensor might not be the correct word, but I think you'll know what I mean.)

Mounting the fishfinder will definitely be challenge with that monster windshield!

Setting the jackplate at the proper height takes some trial and error. A lot of it depends on your prop, the weight distribution of whatever is in your boat, etc.

Be sure to keep this post updated as you get everything fixed and working! We will try to help by giving you as much info as we can  (yes)
Title: Re: My old Fish and Ski
Post by: konfuzed on March 09, 2019, 11:33:29 AM
Yeah the tach and fuel gauge is my main concerns. The water pressure is pretty important also, however as long as the motor is peeing it should be good, but is still something I want to fix. After I get my garmin mounted the speedometer will be obsolete. I have bought two Ram Mounts and bolted them together for the time being. To give me the option to swing the fish finder around to the front of the boat while fishing, and under the windshield while driving. The only problem I am worried about is bouncing.  I have been debating on buying another garmin for the front before they go off sale, however I have also been debating on buying the panoptix transducer instead... 
 When I buy another garmin I will probably rebuild the dash, and have it recessed within it. Then put the other one up front Permanently(

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Title: Re: My old Fish and Ski
Post by: Curt on March 10, 2019, 05:39:15 PM
If you use a RAM mount, be sure you get the mount that's rated for a unit the size of yours. If you use the right mounts, you should have no issues with bounce.

My buddy just bought two new Garmins and Panoptix. He hasn't had them installed yet, since most of the lakes here are still ice in. But he's excited to get out on the water to use them again!

And you're right about the speedo. Once you have GPS, the speedo becomes a non-issue  :nod:
Title: Re: My old Fish and Ski
Post by: konfuzed on March 10, 2019, 06:10:32 PM
Well working on the sides today. Wanted to get them treated before I finished buffing, so I could slap them on afterwards. The boards behind the vinyl are rotted but the vinyl is fine. So to cut cost and time for now, I'm just replacing the boards. Then going to clean and condition them throughly. I have all new screws and screw covers. I am going to be replacing the 1" foam padding, I'll try to order some tonight. The driver side is the only panel that wasn't falling apart. I'm debating to go ahead and build it too. If I do there will be 6.5 component speakers on both sides in front of the handle holes. I traced the big one as a copy for the driver side (minus the switches). Here is a few pics(

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