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Title: 859 won't power up
Post by: frugalangler on April 24, 2017, 10:37:52 AM
Friend's 859 had some electrical connection issues - loose connection on neg power wire - would power up but shut off after period of time, tightened connections and now unit shows power (illumination of power button) but will not power up. We've disconnected from power and let set overnight, still won't power up.

Humminbird wants $400 sent in to diagnose, no help on phone to diagnose. Does anyone know if there is a 'hard reset' procedure similar to Lowrance's multi-button sequence that will do a power on reset?

$400 is nearly what the unit is worth used, hate to spend that kind of coin on an older unit if it can be reset. It worked fine w/ the loose connection until the boat vibration caused it to break and power off.
Title: Re: 859 won't power up
Post by: Curt on April 24, 2017, 11:13:54 AM
I don't think there is a hard reset function on those units. And even if there was, you would need to get it to power on to do so, since hard resets usually involve either holding a button for a long period of time while it powers on, or a combination of buttons after it has powered on.

I have a 788 that I have had problems with powering down or the screen turning gray or black, but it ended up being a defective screen. When the screen got warm, it would do this. Since it was out of warranty by the time I figured out what it was (I originally thought it was a power issues), I now just run it with the screen set to about 80% brightness instead of 100%.

But I'm going to replace this unit soon with a used one that I picked up over the winter anyway. Oops.. I digressed  (fp)