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Thinking about a Cat

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Thinking about getting rid of the Skeeter and make a move in to a Bass Cat.   Hopefully going to get to tour the factory this Friday  ;D


I know it's probably not permitted, but some pics from the factory would be awesome  (yes)

Jimmy RodandReel:
Maybe @n2ratfishin can give you some heads up. 

He has a beautiful Cat that rides like a caddy.   \o/

Pics from the factory are allowed. Rick Pierce is easy to talk to and stands by his product. Lots of good builders but only a couple build truly premium rigs. Everything is built in-factory. Boats, seats, trailers--all are built there with a lifetime warranty.

Actually, they put a bunch of their construction methods on Facebook for anyone to view.

Have fun on the tour, they make a fantastic product from the trailer up. 

My 2008 served me well today after dragging it 800 miles through snow, ice, and tons of rain to the nice sunny 80 degree climate of Florida :)


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