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Wacky vs. Texas

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--- Quote from: Jig Man on December 24, 2017, 09:11:08 PM ---

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Absolute Gospel right there, Jig Man!  :thumbup:


--- Quote from: Curt on December 24, 2017, 07:58:24 PM ---@Nightmare Thanks for the feedback and tips.
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Not as much as I could babble on about but short n sweet.

When I say "patience" I'm saying slooooow. Put it this way, I use 1/3 the fuel that I did pre-wackyin'. As, in I can kill a cigar-on-a-single-retrieve slow.  (whew)

Does it always work? Naw, but I'm a lot more relaxed while always in anticipation of that 'hit'.

Maybe it's the strike that you're waiting for... a strike for me is a minor twitch on the water surface off the line. Setting the hook is more a pop than a tooth-jerker.  (shrug)

This was the first year that I tried it.  The first couple trips I did so, I caught fish on the wacky when they wouldn't bite anything else.
Then all the sudden on the next few trips I couldn't buy a bite on one.  So I fell away from it.  Going to try it a lot more this year though.

Jig Man:
I didn't use it this year either even though we had high water.  I had been using the Ned rig before the water came up and it was really producing so I stayed with it.  I didn't even consider wacky.


--- Quote from: Jig Man on December 24, 2017, 09:11:08 PM ---

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Absolutely. You just said a mouthful right there. Need to dedicate some time to catching those first few fish with this method so I can gain that confidence  (yes)


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